We are Childminders in Sedgefield

Registered Childminders

"Children become more resilient when they get good consistent one to one care from a loving adult especially up to the age of two"*. The children we care for thrive in a safe, stable, warm and caring home environment. We have many years experience as both Childminders and parents. All the children we care for become very much part of our extended family. We have close links to one another, supporting each other to achieve a high standard of care. We also get together in holidays and during the school day, to do joint play sessions and fun activities with the children we care for. (*Sue Palmer Child development expert, Daily Mail news article 14th April 2014).

I have been a registered childminder for over 10 years. Previously I worked as a qualified nurse for 13 years.

I became childminder in June 2010 and I thoroughly enjoy my role in childcare. I have lived in Sedgefield for 15 years now and love the village life.

What We Offer
Caring for a smaller number of preschool age children, enables us to focus fully on their needs. We are able to spend time playing with them, and doing activities that help them develop and prepare for their next steps. This means that we will build up very close bonds with your children. This relationship and in-depth knowledge of each child, "one-to–one sustained interactions", is especially important for a child’s language development*. The children we look after are given a wide range of activities to choose from. We believe play is a huge part of children’s learning and development, and gives them chance to enjoy being children. Working in a home environment, children get to experience a wide range of activities as well as close links with the local community. (*Penny Tassoni, Childcare author and trainer. The Childcare Professional magazine, Summer 2014.)

Detailed Information


We are Ofsted inspected every 3 years, and in accordance with their guidelines we use the Early Years Foundation Stage, planned activities, as well as play being child led. In line with Ofsted regulations we hold public liability Insurance with PACEY and we are DBS checked. All information held is in line with Data protection, and only accessible to ourselves, parents of their child and Ofsted.


We hold full paediatric first aid certificates, which we have to renew by attending training every 3 years. We have attended safeguarding training. We also attend other relevant training to help us offer a high standard of care.


Working in a home environment, children experience a wide range of activities as well as close links with the local community. We offer choice of jigsaws and board games, small world toys, dressing up and role play resources, Lego and other building blocks, books, pens and paper, outdoor play, baking, growing things in our gardens and to take home and many more. Children can also choose to chill out and relax, watch TV, quietly read or play on the Wii. Our close links with the local community like visiting the local library, shop and park, give children real life experiences.


We have full written policies and procedures on Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Data protection, No Smoking, Equal Opportunities, Special Needs and Inclusion and many more. All our policies etc are available to parents, and copies of our policies are given to parents upon start of contracts.


Our working day usually starts around 8am and finishes about 6pm. However we will endeavour to offer some flexibility on these hours if we are able.

School Runs

We walk children to school on a daily basis, providing them with a chance to chat, exercise; learn about road safety and stranger danger and to see the world around them. We feel children gain more, and are more alert for the start of the school day when they have walked, rather than been driven to school.


We can provide lunch to children who attend during the day and a snack to children attending after school. We ask parents to provide us with details of any allergies, likes and dislikes, or any other dietary requirements. We encourage children to eat a healthy well balanced diet.


What our parents say about us.

Professional and dedicated to ensuring that our children are safe, respected and providing the right environment for them to develop and grow. Our children have both been with Melissa since babies.
We feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful, high quality, dependable and reliable childminder in Elaine, who our son adores! We would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a childminder who treats the children in her care like her own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Childminders accept Childcare vouchers? Yes we do. Fees are paid in advance from a weekly, monthly or termly basis, cash, cheque or directly into bank accounts also accepted.
What sort of snacks and meals can you provide? After school snacks may include sandwiches, selection of fruit, yoghurts, crumpets, bagels, pizza, toast, raw vegetables, wraps and many more. For children staying after 5pm, we can offer the option of a small meal, beans on toast, scrambled egg, pizza and a piece of cake, yoghurts, fruit etc.